Learning Management System • Documentation


So, you’ve downloaded the Lucid Learning Management System…

Thank you for choosing Lucid as your Learning Management System. In the ‘Downloads’ section of your account, you will find the Lucid Theme and Learning Management System plugin available for download.

There are two ways you can set up the Lucid learning management system on your WordPress site:

  1. On top of the Lucid Theme
  2. Standalone (with another theme)

You are able to enjoy all of Lucid’s features in your own theme. We recommend, however, using our included theme to get the most of out the system.

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Installing on Top of the Lucid Theme

Start with a clean WordPress setup. (If you don’t have WordPress installed yet, follow these instructions)

To install the theme, follow these steps:

  1. In the WordPress dashboard go to Appearance -> Themes
  2. Click ‘Add New’ and then ‘Upload theme’
  3. Select ‘lucidlms-theme.zip’ from the package you downloaded [You may need to input FTP credentials to upload the theme to server]
  4. Click ‘Activate’ once the theme finishes installing
  5. You will then be taken to Lucid’s installation page
  6. Make sure you at least finish the first 2 steps. We recommend completing all of the steps to ensure Lucid is functioning optimally.

After you have installed the needed plugins, lucid pages and demo content you are ready to start working on adding your own custom content!

Standalone Setup

You can also use the Lucid Learning Management System on top of any theme of your choice. Follow these steps to configure Lucid in standalone mode:

  1. Install the Lucid LMS plugin
  2. Once installed you will receive a notice at the top of the page. Click “Install LucidLMS pages”
  3. Configure your theme’s menu to output “Courses” and “Student Profile” pages
  4. Head over to the Lucid Dashboard and start creating courses

Creating Courses

The Lucid learning management system’s Dashboard is a great place to start working on content. You can access it by going to ‘Lucid LMS’ -> ‘Dashboard’. This page gives you an overview of all your courses and their structure.

Lucid allows you to create your course’s structure even before you need to fill in the content. You can create your first course by clicking ‘Add Course’. Once created, feel free to add lesson and quiz modules to your course until you’ve finished building the structure. When you are ready to add content, click the ‘edit’ button on a lesson or quiz to start working on that piece. You are able to add text, images, videos and any embeddable content you can find.  This allows you to make a robust and complete course.

Be sure to go and check out the course settings by navigating to your Dashboard and clicking ‘Settings’ in the course box. Here you are able to specify things like:

  1. Whether you want students to follow lessons and quizzes in order
  2. Whether you want to issue certificates of completion
  3. Completion criteria
  4. Course price if you are selling it
  5. …and a ton of other stuff!

Useful Tools


This is your starting point. Create and outline your courses, access settings and student score cards, and work on content on this page. The Lucid learning management system’s “Dashboard” is a great way to oversee your learning experience and assess your activity at a glance. Access Dashboard by logging in to your WordPress admin area. Then navigate to: Lucid LMS -> Dashboard

Question Pool

Question Pool — your question repository: stored and managed in one place. Create questions and assign categories to them, you will be able to pull individual questions or entire categories into your quizzes. Access your Question Pool by logging in to your WordPress admin area. Then navigate to: Lucid LMS -> Question Pool


Engage your students even more by giving them the ability to discuss your lessons. They don’t have to register separately, just click a link in their lesson and see as well as contribute to all conversations. Access Discussions by logging in to your WordPress admin area. Then navigate to: Lucid LMS -> Settings -> bbPress -> Enable


You can offer your own downloadable certificates for students! Upload your background image and configure information you want to display in Course Settings page.


Lucid integrates with WooCommerce to allow you to sell your courses online. Just configure your payment gateway in WooCommerce and specify your prices in the course settings. After configuring your payment gateway in WooCommerce, come back to Course Settings page in Lucid and assign a price to your course. It’s as simple as that!

Customizing Lucid Theme

As with any premium theme, you can customize Lucid Theme to your website. There are two ways to customize content and appearance:

  1. Layout, Static text and widget content in “Appearance -> Customize” (or simply click ‘Customize’ in the black admin bar on top of the page)
  2. Some content like Courses, Instructors and Features in the sidebar in WordPress Dashboard

Theme Customization is intuitive. Feel free to explore and make the theme your own!