what is lucid lms?

Learning Management System
(Online Courseware)

A Learning Management System gives you tools to create online learning experiences: lessons, quizzes, homework, certificates, reports, questions and discussions. Some of the better ones allow you to use media in your courses. Lucid LMS takes course creation a step further. We created an LMS which helps you along the way: from outlining your course to perfecting it with rich media content. We have also created a free course which will help you convert your expertise into a comprehensive learning experience which will maximize the engagement of your audience.


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    Andrea Smith


    Our company was looking for something that apparently did not exist. We wanted an LMS system that was designed with an ecommerce business approach. We had tried a number of “out of the box” systems, but none of them were able to accommodate our business. With LucidLMS we got exactly what we needed. It is very powerful and easy to navigate for those who may not be as proficient with technology. We have been able to offer a wide range of services to our customers quickly and easily. It has streamlined our processes, reducing overhead and employee resources. We highly recommend LucidLMS.

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Why Lucid?

  • Natural workflow

    Lucid follows the same pattern for creating courses as you would do in your head or on paper. You will create a plan first and only then start working on content.

  • All-in-one Dashboard

    Get a birds-eye view of your courses and structure with all-encompassing dashboard and make changes on the fly. You will never be confused about what goes were again.

  • Question Pool

    Have you ever had to re-use questions in a few different places? What if you need to change a comma in one of them? Now you can, without having to do the same thing in every copy of the question! Source and manage all your quiz resources from one central location.

  • Premium Theme

    No need to spend hours trying to make the frontend look good. Lucid comes with an optional premium theme tailored to e-learning websites. And yes, you are looking at it!

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What makes Lucid LMS special

We set out to build more than a mere LMS

  • Based on WordPress

    Lucid leverages the power of WordPress. It's all familiar, but gives you so much more possibilities.

  • Mobile First

    All of your courses work great on mobile devices!

  • Premium Theme

    Lucid comes with a premium theme which naturally integrates with the functionality. You don't have to use it, but you will want to.

  • Natural Workflow

    Follow your natural process for creating courses, don't let other plugins boss you around.

  • Media Rich

    Insert rich text and media into your courses!

  • Sell online

    Make your courses available for purchase. Just connect your PayPal and specify the price.

  • Kick-ass UI

    Intuitive drag-and-drop interface and natural workflow

  • Discussions

    Build a community around your course. Lucid comes integrated with BuddyPress plugin so you can offer your customers built-in discussions.

  • Question Pool

    Keep your questions in one place and use them in any combination for any course.

  • Developer Friendly

    We've got hooks in all the right places.

  • Quick Start LMS

    Get a WordPress installation with the Lucid LMS plugin and Lucid theme pre-installed, optimized, and ready-to-go transfered into your existing or new WP Engine hosting account. It’s the fastest way to spin up an LMS site today!